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Welcome to Arnaud

Earlier this month we welcomed Arnaud to the Nazareth Trust family. Arnaud is joining us from Lyon, France and we asked him to share his motivation for working with us and a little about his experience so far.

Hi everyone,

My name is Arnaud and I’m 4th year medical student in France. I’m actually doing my medical elective in the department of cardiology in the Nazareth Hospital EMMS.

I chose to come here not only to learn medicine but also to discover a new country: the land where Jesus walked.

There are so many reasons why I want to encourage you to come and do your medical elective here.

Indeed, here in Nazareth there is a principle which is very different – in Nazareth you don’t invite people because you know them but you invite people to get know them. You would be surprised how warmly the Nazareen people greet foreigners!!

Besides, the medical staff are very experienced, don’t be afraid they don’t have the same knowledge as in Europe! You’ll learn so much with the doctors performing catheterisation, echocardiography and so on…!

Finally the hospital can host you and feed you, isn’t it amazing?

It’s been only 2 weeks since I arrived in Nazareth but I already I feel at home. Coming to the hometown of Jesus is the best experience I’ve ever had.

Trust me!

Arnaud with the Head of the Catheterisation Lab

Are you interested in doing your medical elective at the Nazareth Hospital EMMS?

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