SERVE Nazareth

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Meet the SERVE and Pastoral Care Team

Majdoleen Nawatha, SERVE Coordinator

Majdoleen was appointed as SERVE Coordinator in September 2022. She has a Bachelor’s Degree in Education – English Major, and a certificate in fitness training and communication in sports organisation. She is a Holy Land local who admires living in the Homeland of Jesus. A believer who's willing to help others serve and walk the path of the Saviour. Majdoleen is responsible for looking after our volunteers and making sure they make the most of their time in Nazareth, always with a smile on her face.

Frank Kantor, Spiritual Director

As the Spiritual Director of the Nazareth Trust, Frank is responsible for the coordination and oversight of the spiritual care programme, together with the Pastoral Care Team of the Trust. Their role is to strengthen the Christian life and witness of the organisation in a culturally sensitive way through spiritual nurturing and support. Prior to joining the Nazareth Trust Frank was the General Secretary of the Free Churches Group in the UK and prior to lived in South Africa, where he worked in various roles related to peace-building, conflict resolution and reconciliation.

Pastor Suheil Bathish, Nazareth Hospital Chaplain

Pastor Suheil was born in Nazareth and studied theology at Bethlehem Bible College. He continued his studies with a MA in Leadership and Christian Ministry from the Nazareth Evangelical College. He has worked at the hospital for over 40 years and has been a Hospital Chaplain for the past 20 years. He loves to work with people, both patients and staff, who need spiritual support and encouragement, visiting them both in the hospital and at home.

Christine Farah, Member of the Pastoral Care Team

Christine has been with the Nazareth Trust since moving from the UK to Israel. She graduated with a law degree from Aberystwyth University in Wales and later added a diploma in Grief and Bereavement Counselling. Formerly SERVE Director, Christine is now a full-time member of the Pastoral Care Team. She loves having the opportunity to minister and pray with people of all backgrounds.