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SERVE Nazareth programmes are flexible and designed to fit with any schedule. There is something for everyone, whether this is a once in a lifetime trip to both SERVE and SEE the Holy Land, a trip with a group, a long term individual commitment or the first of many visits – we will work with you to find the right programme for your needs.

Year-round Programmes

The year round SERVE programme is designed for groups or individuals, with the chance to stay for 1 week to 1 year!

From students to retirees, and everyone in between, we aim to make the most of your gifts and skills with a variety of opportunities.  Whether you’re picking olives in a First Century village, teaching English, working in a children’s camp, working on a building or renovation project or praying with patients as part of our chaplaincy team, you’ll work alongside local people sharing the light of Christ daily.

Your $950 per month includes room and board, 2 placements, chapel services, monthly day trips and education and development opportunities.

Or for a shorter stay, $35 per day will cover your room, board and placements, with the opportunity to join additional activities should you wish to take part.

SERVE as a Group

There are lots of opportunities to be part of SERVE Nazareth as a group. Whether you’d like to join us a church team, school, tour group or anything else, there’s something here for you. Take a look at our ‘Bring a Group’ page to find out more.

Serve & See

With two, three or four-week options you’ll serve local ministries in practical ways ranging from gardening, acting as a nurse aide in the Nazareth Hospital, teaching English to children or even playing the part of a First Century resident of Nazareth Village.

You’ll tour a new biblical site each week and make Jesus’ hometown your own. Fulfill your dream of seeing the land of Jesus, and enrich your stay by ministering alongside your family in Christ.

2 weeks – $750 including 2 excursions
3 weeks – $950  including 3 excursions
4 weeks – $1050 including 4 excursions

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