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SERVE Nazareth

Christian service in the hometown of Jesus


Serving in the hometown of Jesus since 1861, the Nazareth Trust is one of the most established and prominent Christian organisations in Israel. Every year we engage with over 400,000 people, including patients and their families, students, international volunteers, pilgrims and tourists, as well as our valued staff.

The Nazareth Trust is unique in its position in the Middle East, aiming to reach out to the local population and to the wider world, irrespective of faith, political persuasion or tradition, through healthcare, education, proclamation and service.

Since 2010, SERVE Nazareth has been connecting Christians from around the world with ministries in Nazareth. Our volunteers fulfill needs in the community through service, growing the Kingdom of God in Nazareth and making a real difference in the lives of people in this unique place. Serving in our hospital on your medical elective, joining our pastoral care team and guiding visitors from around the world at our first-century village are just a few of the exciting ways you can get involved.

SERVE Nazareth empowers you to:

  • Live where Jesus lived
  • Learn about cross cultural ministry
  • Serve the community
  • Grow in your relationship with God

As part of a SERVE Nazareth team you’ll explore the Holy Land, meet its people and become integrated into the local culture. We invite you to explore our volunteer programmes or make an enquiry today.

For more on the history of SERVE Nazareth and the Nazareth Trust please visit the Trust’s website.