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SERVE Nazareth, part of the Nazareth Trust, enables you to live where Jesus lived and to learn about cross cultural ministry. We support hundreds of volunteers like you to serve the Nazareth community and to grow in your relationship with God.

SERVE Nazareth connects Christians from around the world with ministries in Jesus’ hometown. Through our diverse range of volunteer programmes we support you to meet the needs of the local community in Nazareth and extend the Kingdom of God in Nazareth by making a real difference in the lives of people in this unique place.

As part of a SERVE Nazareth team you’ll explore the Holy Land, meet its people and become integrated into the local culture. We offer a supportive environment where relationships grow and flourish.

We offer a wide range of opportunities ranging in length and scope. Whether you want an initial encounter in the Holy Land or something longer term, we can help. You can serve in our hospital, meet visitors from around the world in our first-century village and help out in practical ways.

You can find out more about the Nazareth Trust and their work here.

The Nazareth Challenge 2020

Fancy joining us for our 2020 Nazareth Challenge?

Walk the Jesus Trail – Join us for an incredible 65km sponsored hike through the Holy Land. Set over five-days, this experience of a lifetime retraces the steps of Jesus including Nazareth, Cana, Arbel, Mount of Beatitudes and Capernaum.

Cycle the Three Seas Challenge – Be part of this challenging sponsored cycle through Israel. Our five-day route provides the opportunity to discover the some of Israels most iconic sites.

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An extraordinary space for my faith to grow

An extraordinary space for my faith to grow

Guiding at the Nazareth Village has created an extraordinary space for my faith to grow. Learning how to give a tour is an intensive exercise in scriptural, historical, and archeological reflection: essentially, memorizing 75 minutes of Biblical scholarship.

SERVE – a wonderful place for support and care

SERVE – a wonderful place for support and care

Because my parents had lived here for 8 years, I’d heard about the culture growing up, so it wasn’t unfamiliar. However, that is not the same as being immersed in the culture as an adult…