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    Ministry Opportunities Available

    Nazareth Village (a 1st century recreation of Nazareth): Physical labor, acting, assisting with visiting tour groups.
    Hospital Placements: Occupational Therapy (Psychiatry Ward), Maintenance, Chaplaincy.
    Child Evangelism Fellowship (summer only): Working with children in summer camps.


    I declare that the information given above is true and that I agree to work in accordance to the vision and values of the Nazareth Trust and the SERVE Nazareth program:

    The vision of the Group SERVE program is to glorify God by bringing Christians from around the world together in service and to encourage the body of Christ in Nazareth. Group SERVE expects all participants to live out their Christian commitment and to share the Gospel with the city of Nazareth through their actions, attitudes and words. Group SERVE requires all participants to have health insurance coverage for their time in Israel. A state and federal background check is also required for all members of the group.

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