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Our goal at SERVE Nazareth is to help your group have a successful, satisfying and safe time while ministering in Nazareth. Therefore, we have put in place some policies and regulations that aim to help you maintain your well being and credibility as you serve.

Christian Standards
SERVE Nazareth expects nothing but the best from our participants. We expect all participants to live out their Christian commitment and to share the Gospel with the city of Nazareth through their actions, attitudes and words. This is not to say SERVE Nazareth expects participants to be perfect, rather moving toward Christ.

You will be given a schedule for your placements. Participants are expected to arrive on time at your placements and serve for the allotted hours unless otherwise instructed. You will be given an on site supervisor who will help you make the most of your time at the placements. Please listen to your supervisors and do your best to cultivate a relationship of trust with him or her.

Group SERVE participants are NOT to bring alcohol or tobacco onto the Nazareth Trust property. Participants are to generally refrain from alcohol and tobacco while participating in SERVE Nazareth. Away from the campus an occasional drink with a meal, or if offered at a home, is permissible at your discretion. SERVE participants are never to be intoxicated while with SERVE Nazareth.

Living quarters/facilities
Group SERVE participants are expected to treat Nazareth Trust property with respect. Participants are expected to report any damaged, lost or broken property. Participants may be held responsible for replacing property at the discretion of SERVE Nazareth administrators.

What to wear
Nazareth is an Arab city and there is a different standard of dress within Nazareth than in most Western countries, including the Jewish areas of Israel. While in Nazareth, we want all participants’ ministry to be successful and not hindered by clothing. Within this, do not forget to bring swimwear – the beach is still the beach! Here are some basic guidelines:
Women: Within Nazareth you can wear skirts (knee length or longer), dresses (knee length or longer), trousers or Capri’s. Knee length shorts can be worn at camps in Nazareth. Shirts/blouses should not be sleeveless, low cut or reveal your midriff. Outside Nazareth you can wear any believer appropriate Western clothing.
Men: Within Nazareth, you can wear trousers/jeans and shorts are appropriate for sports and camps. Shirts are not to be sleeveless, nor are tank tops acceptable. Outside Nazareth, any believer appropriate Western clothing is generally acceptable.

Relationships with the Arabic community are complex and can very easily be a source of scandal or loss of reputation for those who are not aware of the cultural conventions. Due to your limited time here and the risks to your reputation, that of the group and of your faith, we ask that participants adhere to the following:
Participants are not to date or have inappropriate relationships with other participants or local men/ women while participating in SERVE Nazareth.

Our hope is never to limit or hinder you while you are ministering here in Nazareth. These policies are in place to protect you and help you be successful while you are here. Group leaders will be responsible for making sure all participants adhere to these policies and take any disciplinary action required.


Policies and Guidelines Declaration

I confirm that I have read and understand the policies and guidelines provided here by the Nazareth Trust, and I will comply with them. Without derogating from the above, I agree to adhere to the following:
1. I have adequate Travel / Medical Insurance to cover me whilst volunteering with the Nazareth Trust which will cover any injury or loss, and cover me for emergency evacuation and repatriation of my remains, should this prove necessary.
2. My passport has at least 6 months validity and it is my responsibility to have a valid visa in order to volunteer in a Nazareth Trust program. If I am refused entry or exit, to or from Israel, any additional costs incurred will be my responsibility.
3. I understand that the Nazareth Trust shall not be liable for any changes to accommodation or cancellation of the Volunteer Placement, which is beyond their control.
4. I agree to volunteer fully at my own risk, and be solely responsible for keeping my belongings and myself safe and secure. I understand that the Nazareth Trust shall not accept liability for any loss, damage or injury to any property, other person or my own personal being, and the Nazareth Trust are not in any way responsible for any illness, accidents or events during the Volunteer Placement which may result in injury, loss or fatality to me.
5. I agree not to publish reports, information or photographs without explicit written permission from the Nazareth Trust Management.
6. I understand that I’m not an employee of the Nazareth Trust and will not be considered one, and I confirm that I shall not be entitled to any salary, benefits or any other payment.


Volunteer Release & Liability

This release and waiver of liability executed today by the applicant (hereinafter “the volunteer”) releases The Nazareth Trust – a non-profit corporation recognized by the state of Israel and working according to its laws (hereinafter “the organization”), and each of its directors, officers and employees, and agents.
The volunteer confirms that he desires of his own free will to take part in a voluntary program directed by the organization and engage in activities related to serving as a volunteer.
The volunteer understands that the scope of the volunteer’s relationship with the organization is limited to a volunteer position and that no compensation is expected in return for services provided by the volunteer; that the organization will not provide any benefits traditionally associated with employment to the volunteer; and that the volunteer is responsible for his/her own insurance coverage in the event of personal injury or illness as a result of the volunteer’s services to the organization.

I the volunteer release and forever discharge and hold harmless the organization and its successors and assigns from any and all liability, claims, and demands of whatever kind of nature, either in law or in equity, which arise or may hereafter arise from the services I provide to the organization. I understand and acknowledge that this Release discharges the organization from any liability or claim that I may have against the organization with respect to bodily injury, personal injury, illness, death, or property damage that may result from the services I provide to the organization or occurring while I am providing volunteer services or during the volunteer program directed by the organization.

Further I understand that the organization does not assume any responsibility for or obligation to provide me with financial or other assistance, including but not limited to medical, health or disability benefits or insurance of any nature in the event of my injury, illness, death or damage to my property. I expressly waive any such claim for compensation or liability on the part of the
organization beyond what may be offered freely by the organization in the event of such injury or medical expenses incurred by me.

I hereby release and forever discharge the organization from any claim whatsoever which arises or may hereafter arise on account of any first-aid treatment or other medical services rendered in connection with an emergency during my tenure as a volunteer with the organization. I understand that the services I provide to the organization may include activities that may be hazardous to me including, but not limited to, construction work, maintenance work, and tasks in a local hospital involving inherently dangerous activities. As a volunteer, I hereby expressly assume the risk of injury, illness, death or property damage resulting from the services I provide as a volunteer or occurring while I am providing volunteer services.

I grant and convey to the organization all right, title, and interests in any and all photographs, images, video, or audio recording of me or my likeness or voice made by the organization in connection with my providing volunteer services to the organization. As a volunteer, I expressly agree that this Release is intended to be as broad and inclusive as permitted by the laws of the state of Israel and that this Release shall be governed by and interpreted in accordance with the laws of the state of Israel. I agree that in the event that any clause or provision of this Release is deemed invalid, the enforceability of the remaining provisions of this Release shall not be affected.