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International Volunteers Day 2022

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International Volunteers Day 2022

This Monday was International Volunteers Day, and we had a big celebration at the Doctor’s House in honour of this special day.

Our volunteers come from all over the world! Amongst those who took part in the celebrations, we had a group of 17 people and their two leaders from The Norwegian Church Ministry to Israel (NCMI) and our long-term volunteers from the UK, USA, Paraguay and Germany.

After spliting everyone into two groups, the games began!

Some of the challenges they had to go through included moving cups using a balloon, blowing a balloon to try knock over some cups, build a tower out ot cups… There was also time to play Bingo and a good game of charades, guest starring our beloved Olive Tree, which is always our preferred meeting point!

During the party, we also took the opportunity to celebrate the birthdays of two of our wonderful volunteers.

We couldn’t be more grateful for all our fantastic volunteers: thank you for doing what you do! Thank you all for joining us yesterday. We all had a blast!

Counting the days for the International Volunteers Day 2023…


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Earlier this month we welcomed Arnaud to the Nazareth Trust family. Arnaud is joining us from Lyon, France and we asked him to share his motivation for working with us and a little about his experience so far.

SERVE Nazareth provides experiences like no other. Our programmes are tailored to each volunteer providing a personalised journey and experience for each SERVEr. Each volunteer encounters something unique and special to them.

We were recently joined by a church group from Scotland. John from the group shares some of his experiences with us.


Meet Karalena, one of our amazing SERVE volunteers. Karalena has been volunteering in the Nazareth Hospital EMMS and the Nazareth Village since the start of the year. Last month Karalena joined us for our five day hike, the Jesus Trail. Karelena has written an amazing summary of the Jesus Trail in her blog, why not take a look and read about the incredible time she’s having in Nazareth.

Read Karalena’s blog here

Meet the Staff

What’s your name and how is it that someone from England and someone from the USA are living in Nazareth?

Christine: My name is Christine Farah and I came to Nazareth with my husband, a Nazarene, who brought me back as a souvenir from his time studying in the UK!! 

Jane: I’m Jane Shurrush, originally from Nebraska where I met my husband, Amin, from Nazareth, when he came there to visit friends.  We were married in the US and lived there until 1993 when we moved to Nazareth with our family.

What’s special to you about being in Nazareth, Jesus’ hometown?

Christine: Nazareth is so different in climate and culture, but it is a unique, vibrant and friendly place. I enjoy the different style of life and love the Biblical connections.

Jane: I love the people!

What do you do day to day?

Christine: I run the SERVE Nazareth volunteering programme, so we meet lots of new people, settle them into local placements, show them around the town, sightsee and generally look after them.

Jane: We welcome new SERVErs, make sure they have an interesting program that will allow them to use their skills and share the love of Christ with others.

Why should I SERVE in Nazareth?

Christine: Where better to SERVE than where Jesus spent most of his earthly life? But not only this, you can link in with His followers today and help them SERVE him here – it is not just about what happened here in the past, but what is happening today and into the future. It is a great opportunity to learn more about the Bible and about God’s work in this land today.

Jane: You’ll have an experience like no other!  You’ll meet warm, wonderful, generous people who are known for hospitality and be able to offer essential support to a small but thriving Christian community.


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